Sustainable solutions for the
textile & clothing industry

Alcon Advies

Alcon Advies advises companies and organisations in making choices regarding textile materials and products. The consultancy of Alcon Advies is based on extensive expertise acquired over the course of 30 years of experience in textile research and a broad international network. Advices from Alcon Advies are not always reflecting the main stream opinions with respect to sustainability, but are always based on facts and figures from reliable sources instead. So no greenwashing as seen often by companies for marketing reasons.

Why Alcon Advies?

  • Independent advice on the sustainability of textile materials and products, based on facts and figures
  • More than 20 years involved in and initiator of projects to improve the sustainability of textiles
  • Extensive national and international network of textile and clothing organizations, research institutes and producers and textile recycling companies
  • Aimed at realistic solutions for clients

Anton Luiken

Anton Luiken (1959) studied organic chemistry in Nijmegen. He was employed for 22 years at TNO. In this period, he gained a lot of experience related to innovations in the textile and carpet industry. He specialized in sustainability in general with a focus on high added value textile recycling. In 2008 he founded Alcon Advies in order to assist companies to put sustainability in practice.